ben nevis from meall a bhuiridh
Short articles & video to keep you amused. Updated as and when we get some motivation, inspiration and time...

The Scottish Skier?
by Doug. (Jan 2015)
So the weather is crap and the snow variable... What does it mean to be a Scottish skier? A few thoughts...
The deepest snow in Europe?
by Doug. (February 2014)
With a base of 4-6m on the upper mountain it might be fair to say that Glencoe currently has some of the deepest snow in Europe? Simply incredible.
Creagan Bheithe / Ben Gulabin Ski Area
by Doug. (November 2013)
Side trip to the site of the Creagan Bheithe / Ben Gulabin ski tows near Glenshee. The long lost Scottish ski area...
Danny Maddox
by Glencoe Skiers (11th April 2013)
A short tribute video to the legendary Danny Maddox. One of the nicest people you could ever meet. Live like Danny!
Coe Cup 2013 (FWQ event)
by Pete MacKenzie
Perfect snow conditions for the Coe Cup 2013. 25cm of fresh snow on the flypaper and blue skys. Really ?
I am Smiggins
by Keira Anderson (26th Sept 2012)
Keira Anderson reports back from a winter ski season spent down under with ukelele. Skiing with the kangaroos!
Warren Miller - Scotland (1996)
by SnowRiders VHS (1st August 2011)
Uploaded for ski geeks to the inter-web for the first time ever... Here is what happened when the legendary Warren Miller ski films visited a 'not-so sunny' Scotland!
Like Scotland on Spinach
by Alan (May 26th 2011)
Alan and Grigor head 70 degrees north to find some spring ski fun near the arctic city of Tromsų.
Aotearoa Ski Safari
by Graham (Feb 23rd 2011)
A comprehensive off the wall guide to the southern hemisphere ski resorts, and club fields, of New Zealand.
What touring binding?
by Doug (Jan 31st 2011)
What touring binding ? The answer is actually pretty simple... depending on what you want to do!
Swedes Invade Scotland
by Fall Line UK
Some of the best Scottish skiing photos we have ever seen. PDF scan of the Fall-Line UK article.
Recent cold snap explained!
by Doug (Nov 22nd 2010)
So what caused the exceptionally cold winter of 2010? And is it about to happen again? The North Atlantic Oscialltion explained.
Historical Glencoe Ski Videos
from White Corries archives
Historic Glencoe ski videos converted into digital format. Probably the oldest video featuring people skiing in the UK ?
The Big Weekend
by Doug (Feb 20th 2010)
A short film taken in the back corries of Nevis Range and Glencoe, Scotland. The epic winter of 2010 continues!
Skiing Ben Nevis (2002 to 2005)
by B.N.S.C (video from 2005)
Just found this ski video that we filmed on several trips to Ben Nevis. Long skis truck, short skis suck!
Mid May Ski Safari
by Blair Aitken (May 20th 2010)
NewGen ski instructor Blair Aitken returns home to Scotland to score some spectacular late season turns.
Speed Flying - Glencoe
by Gordie Oliver (Feb 10th 2010)
A birds eye view of the white corries - Gordie Oliver finds a new way to get down the slopes of Meall A Bhuiridh!
The Wild Bunch
by Patrick Smith
More retro - this time a classic 1980s Scottish ski film. Great mogul lesson from the two Ians. Spot the mono boarder!
The Hardest Snow In The World?
by Adam U (Feb 2009)
There is nothing quite like a proper boiler plate day up Glencoe. K2 telemarker Adam U gives his thoughts...
The Swishing Of The Skis
Song by Dougie McLean (Nov 6th 2009)
The swishing of the skis is an old historical folk song. The lyrics desribe what the early days of skiing at Glencoe in the 1950s and 1960s were like!

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